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Annual Lake Perimeter Clean Up 2023

Thanks to all who showed up to our Lake Perimeter Clean Up on the 21st. Moms and kids and folks over 70 did an amazing job of sprucing up! Non profits depend on volunteers, we appreciate you! Friends of Atascadero Lake hired Armets Landscape to cut back the bulrush to improve views and hopefully thin it out permanently.


Annual Lake Perimeter Clean Up 2022

Hello to All Volunteers who turned out for our Annual Lake Clean Up. Great job! Thank you so much for coming out to help beautify your lake. We also want to thank the City of Atascadero for doing a much needed pre- clean up, procuring the necessary permit, providing tools, having Justin on hand to help when needed and Ryan to get all the I's dotted and T's crossed. We also had a fine turn out of the Atascadero High School Key Club who really worked hard and did a fantastic job. Two dumpsters were filled and there are still piles remaining. Enjoy this beautiful fall weather.

Board of Directors Friends of Atascadero Lake





Annual Lake Perimeter Clean Up 2021


Hello Friends of Atascadero Lake. Please save Saturday, October 23 for our Annual Lake Perimeter Clean Up. The below photo is our inspiration to keep the lake and its environs healthy. We will meet in front of the Pavilion at 8:30 am. Wear gloves and bring loppers, rakes, clippers etc. The city also provides some tools. See you there!








Annual Lake Perimeter Clean Up 2020 


Friends of Atascadero Lake want to thank everyone who showed up to help with the pruning around Atascadero Lake. There are many piles of cuttings and the dumpsters are full! The city will be coming around this week to pick up the remaining piles and doing more pruning with chain saws. Its amazing what can be done with loppers and other hand   tools. Thanks to the City for supplying the dumpsters and Tyson who helped load up his truck and haul the cuttings to the dumpsters.



Annual Lake Perimeter Clean Up 2019







Some folks showed up later and were not included in this photograph. Thank you to Mark Diaz, Atascadero News, for the great photograph!


We also want to thank the Cadets of The Grizzly Academy who showed up and hauled all the cutting to the dumpsters. The city lent us Tyson for the day and provided the dumpsters and some tools. We also want to thank Amber Johnson, Homes for Heroes. 805.835.3425, who provided all of our cold water and drinks.

Amber Johnson

Homes For Heroes® Real Estate Specialist

Helping SLO County Heroes Save on Their Home Purchases and Sales

License #01925434

(805) 835-3425



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