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Friends of Atascadero Lake is dedicated to the ongoing improvement, enhancement, universal appreciation and enjoyment of beautiful Atascadero Lake. We are committed to assuring the water quality and aesthetics of this cherished historic central coast landmark.


The purpose of Friends of Atascadero Lake is to develop project planning, funding, and implementation of projects to benefit Atascadero Lake. See what upcoming projects the Friends of Atascadero Lake will be sponsoring in the near future.


Friends of Atascadero Lake is a non profit public benefit corporation vested in preserving and enhancing beautiful Atascadero Lake. Donations are tax deductible. 

Get Involved

You can become a Friend of Atascadero Lake or volunteer your time to help with one of our committees or upcomng events. By working together we can ensure a bright future for our beautiful Atascadero Lake. 

Get your New Calendar!


We are excited to announce the arrival of a new calendar done by friend and neighbor Janet Murrieta. Janet, and her friend Anne, will be at Atascadero Lake Park on Saturday from 7:30 am until 10:00 am, near the playground, to sell the calendars. This is a fundraiser for Friends of Atascadero Lake. All proceeds beyond the printing costs will be donated back to us. If you cannot come by on Saturday you can contact us at.  to secure your calendar. $20 minimum donation will cover a bit more than the printing costs.

We are so grateful to Janet and all the hard work she has done to put this together. Atascadero Lake Park is huge draw for dog walkers. All breeds shapes and sizes are walked around the lake all day long and well into the evening hours. This was Janet's idea and we cannot wait to see the finished product. THANK YOU!!!!

Board of Directors Friends of Atascadero Lake

Janet's statement:


Not long after I moved to Atascadero from San Luis Obispo in 2007, a friend introduced me to the Atascadero Lake Park for the first time.  I was so impressed by the peaceful surroundings, wildlife, and scenery, that I made visiting the park part of my regular routine. I enjoy spending time at the lake, the path around the lake allows me to feel safe whether riding my bike, running, or walking my beautiful Golden Retriever Rusty.    


Over the last 16 years I have been fortunate enough to meet so many wonderful people “the regulars” and have established meaningful, long-lasting friendships. We all agree that we have a true sense of community here, we look out for each other and are quick to lend a helping hand when needed. 


It has been an absolute pleasure putting this calendar together and getting to know some of the “newbies” at that lake.  What simply started out as a few photos of friends and their pets for a little calendar, grew into “let’s sell the calendars to raise money for the Friends of the Atascadero Lake”, which then grew into the final product of over 30 pictures of “Pets and their People” and an even greater sense of community. The calendar is dedicated to our wonderful dog walker extraordinaire and cherished friend Anne.  Thank you for taking care of and loving our pets as much as we do, we love you Anne.

I would like to thank all the calendar participants for allowing this nature and landscape photographer to push herself out of her comfort zone. Your patience and kind words throughout this process have touched my heart.


The “regulars and newbies” would like to extend a special thank you to Nancy, her team, and amazing volunteers for all the fundraising they do and for fostering the sense of community we all feel.  It is obvious this team takes a lot of pride in maintaining the lake and its surroundings, and for those efforts we are grateful.


Proceeds for the calendar are donated to Friends of the Atascadero Lake.  For more information about Friends of the Atascadero Lake and their mission, go to

To purchase a calendar or personalized photos/merchandise, contact photographer Janet Murrieta, 

Lake Fest 2023 was a great success! Thank you to all the volunteers and partners who made this event a success!

Congratulations to the winners!


2nd Place: Bill Hair on Big Duck

Ist Place Open Class The Bullard Family


3rd Place: Mike Dean on It's 5 O'clock Somewhere (no photo)

fishing winner.jpg

Fishing Derby Winner: Allena Ortega

Kids Class: 1st, Ben Genninger from Templeton on Uno, 2nd, Noah Hendricks on Burgundy, 3rd Judith Nickerson from Atascadero on God Uses Waves

Atascadero Lake Sign Project Ribbon Cutting!!

Thank you to Don and Janey Giessinger and Atascadero 76 on Morro Rd. Charles and Melissa Bourbeau for their sponsorship of this important project. Also a thank you to: Amanda Muther, Michelle Harms, Nancy Hair, Ashley Self, Lon Allen and The Atascadero Historical Society for all of their assistance!

Sign ribbon cutting1.jpg
Sign ribbon cutting4.jpg











            Thank you Don and Janey Giessinger                                                  Thank you Charles and Melissa Bourbeau.               & Atascadero 76 on Morro Rd

Sign ribbon cutting2.jpg
Sign ribbon cutting3.jpg
Charles Bourbeu donation (1)_2020.jpg




                                  Thank You Charles!! 

                            Charles Bourbeau stopped by our board meeting last night to deliver

                            his $2000 Lake Perimeter Path Sign sponsorship. He has

                            always been interested in history and he is sponsoring one

                            of the two history signs. Thank You Charles!



                                                                                                                          Thank You Rotary Club of Atascadero!


                                                                                                         Photo taken by Conner Allen of the Atascadero News. The Rotary Club of Atascadero                                                                                                                 donates $1000.00 to Friends of Atascadero Lake. The check was presented by Don                                                                                                                   Giessinger. Photo from left to right: Dena Kaigel, Olan Kaigel, Bob Edmonds, President,                                                                                                             Don Giessinger, from Rotary, Don Lynge, Vice President, Paul Murphy, Nancy Hair,                                                                                                                     Acting Secretary.

The Rotary Club of Atascadero Donation

Friends of Atascadero Lake invite you to become a sponsor!


Rick Evens a local photographer, has a new Facebook page called Atascadero Lake CA. There are some amazing photos of the lake and         the wildlife for all to enjoy. Seeing these photos makes it clear why we work so hard to maintain and improve Atascadero Lake. The lake is a very special place.

   We have our lake webcam up. Check it out at 805 webcams or click the link below!




        Be sure to visit Mr. Putters Boathouse!


We would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have given your time and donations throughout 2017.  Initiating and completing a state of the art aeration system has kept our lake free of algae and oxygenated the water creating better water quality. Fish and wildlife have returned for everyone's enjoyment. We could not have accomplished this without your ongoing support.


2017 ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR: Friends of Atascadero Lake


 We feel so grateful to be recognized by this amazing community, thank you.

 Visit the Friends of Atascadero Lake Facebook page 

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Friends of Atascadero Lake have launched our Gofundme campaigne

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